A Small Touch Of Spring

A small touch of spring. Little crocus blossoms cheering up the cold days.








crocus close upcrocus close up.






Surprise golden yellow crocuses are showing up (-:







crocus yellow close up





What Islam Stands For!

As of today I’ll include a totally different category called “Politically Incorrect”. It will deal with  apostasy, deception and evil that is all around us worldwide 24/7.

The first topic  in this category is “What Islam Stands for!

  • And ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free John 8:32

What islam stands for! The greater part of mankind does not seem understand what islam really stands for.  Islam is not a religion let alone the religion of peace; islam is a political ideology or a fanatic system or whatever you want to call it; islam is a wicked devil infested militant force; islam is a deadly and vicious cancer rapidly spreading all across the western continent. The islamic jihad* is offensive and has been going on since 620AD and is still continuing. The goal of the islamic jihad is to conquer as much territory as possible and put it all under shariah law.

Another way to reach their evil goal is mass immigration into the USA and the EU. Streets are polluted with hejabs, nikabs and burqas. Skylines are polluted with mosques. In big cities in certain neighborhoods shariah law is already in power. Riot police or a military task force are not able to enforce and uphold the national law anymore in these areas. Non-muslims are holding top positions in governments. It would never have come this far, the moment the so called refugees would have been stopped from entering, would have been stopped from keeping a high office in government, in the USA Congress, the House of Representatives, in the EU the Parliaments.

This so called religion will bring the western world way back before the Middle Ages including: ignorance, hatred, oppression, incest, pedophilia, murder, beheading, stoning and lashing of women, polygamy, child brides, girl’s genital mutilation as early as nine years, honor killings. self suicide b0mbing attacks and everything I did not mention because I am not aware of other wicked acts they perform.

This so called religion has committed more evil, more genocide, more rape of women and children than any army and/or organization in history of mankind. Nothing comes even close in comparison to the wicked acts of this demonic infatuated belief. When islamists  abuse and misuse  their own women and children do we really think they have any respect for non-muslims and in particular women and children? They are in fact cowards for any victim they attack is always the weaker one. Anyone with common sense knows that women and especially children need care and protection and not abuse and misuse and definitely no acid thrown into their faces. This only shows that the perspective of is islam is totally opposite of true Christianity and what Lord Jesus is saying”

  • –Matthew 19:14 “Suffer little children and forbid them not, to come unto Me for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven”

This so called religion also hates Jesus Christ. When in  islamic countries a father finds out that a family member (usually a female member) turned away from islam  and to Jesus Christ she gets killed by her own father or an elder brother.

  • B U T — Psalms 11:5,6KJV The LORD trieth the righteous but the wicked and him that loveth violence His (=the LORD’s) soul hateth. Upon the wicked He shall rain snares, fire and brimstone and an horrible tempest; this shall be the portion of their cup

Governments, world leaders and non-governmental organizations are talking about radical islam and there is no such thing. In the meantime the western world and at the moment in particular western Europe is being flooded with so called refugees. Refugees? Most of these freeloading and then some “refugees” are men of military age between 20 and 35 with uncontrollable hate and an intense aversion to everyone and of everything that is western. These muslim men are totally under control under the prince of darkness,

*Christian Crusades: began in 1080. were defensive, limited areas ended between 1240-1260. The reasons for the Crusades were to free Christians living in Turkey Syria and Northern Egypt from islamic attacks. Source: Dr Bill Warner


This plant is known as Youth-on-Age. So cute, new leaves are growing at the base of the old leaves. It looks as if a new plant is growing on the mother plant. Buds develop on the leaf blades. The leaves have five  to seven shallow lobes. This plant grows in gardens as foliage, however I have this young plant inside.

The plant had just a few leaves when I got it about six weeks ago. Giving it some plant food at regular times but not too often really makes it grow.


youth-on-age close-up

Mini Silk Floral of Roses

A prosperous 2017 and many moments of happiness.

To make mini silk floral arrangements I use small bowls varying in a diameter of 2 in. (approx 5 cm.) to 3.5-4 in. (approx. 9 cm.) The small containers I get at a Goodwill store.

First image: Nine roses, the inner circle has three- and the outer circle has six roses. Around the roses I inserted ivy leaves, lavender and pink flowers to finish.  Used a 3 inch bowl.

Second image: A close up of the rose.

Third and fourth image: Of the remainder of the silk flowers I made a second arrangement in an egg cup. Same arrangement taken from two different sides.  Used an egg cup.