Spring Cactus

Spring Cactus young plant

The Spring also known as Easter cactus is called Rhipsalidopsis Geatheri or Hatiora Geatheri.  The  plant also originates from rain forrest  The flowers are star shaped and close when daylight is fading. The small plant can be put in a pot, but is it placed in a hanging pot its blossoms and leaves will swarm around the pot and it is even more eye some to look at. While the plant is still carrying buds, avoid fluctuations of temperature and humidity so that the cactus does not lose its buds. Turn the plant at intervals when not blooming, to stimulate even growth. Water moderately as the potting soil should not be too wet otherwise the segments will rot. Only water when the potting soil is dry.

The Spring cactus of course will be blooming around Passover. In February the plant should get only 10 to 12 hours of daylight in order to get bud development in March to bloom in April.

When you first buy a Spring cactus do renew the potting soil after blooming. Is the pot still alright for the plant then you can use the same pot. Every 2-3 years refresh the potting soil unless there is insufficient nutrients. This applies to the Fall cactus as well.

The total care of the Spring cactus is the same as that of a Fall cactus.

When you take good care of the Spring- and Fall cacti, the plants will reward you with blossoms in abundance for you to enjoy.

Color variety of the Spring cactus: orange, pink, purple, scarlet, and white.

 Spring Cactus close up