This plant is known as Youth-on-Age. So cute, new leaves are growing at the base of the old leaves. It looks as if a new plant is growing on the mother plant. Buds develop on the leaf blades. The leaves have five  to seven shallow lobes. This plant grows in gardens as foliage, however I have this young plant inside.

The plant had just a few leaves when I got it about six weeks ago. Giving it some plant food at regular times but not too often really makes it grow.


youth-on-age close-up



Azalea are lovely plants. In the summer time the gorgeous blossoms almost or completely obscure the plant.

Bi-color single lobed azalea














Pink double lobed azalea


White Christmas Cactus

My white christmas cactus was blooming about two months too early.  Spontaneously. September actually is the month to give the cactus plant rest, in a cool environment  and not too much water. The buds can propagate and these plants usually are blooming in November. Then the cactus is given sufficient water and plant food is given about once a week or ten days.


Young Blackbird

The blackbird is a common bird and yet I think it is a funny bird. When it is looking for food it hips hops over the ground and stops with a slight jerk.

A young blackbird in the botanical container. The color of the young bird is brownish and spotted.


Two Little Blackbirds

Two little blackbirds singing in the sun,- One flew away, then there was one,- One little blackbird, very black and tall,- He flew away and then there was the wall.- One little brick wall lonely in the rain,- Waiting for the blackbirds to come and sing again.                                                                               Writer unknown