Silk Pink Roses

Mini silk arrangements.  Dust is easy to remove off of silk flower arrangements. That can be done by means of a soft- or feather brush or an handheld hair blow-dryer.

What is so nice about creating a silk arrangement that you continue the next day. Fresh arrangements, it is better to finish it right a way.

After two days of traveling, on the third day, God gave Abraham a vision. It was just before the Patriarch was to offer his only son Isaac. Abraham knew a Redeemer Kinsman would come. Also, God promised that he, Abraham, would become a father of many nations. And kings shall come out of thee. This promise of God to Abraham is still in physical existence today. Genesis 17:4-6

Silk Arrangement

This silk arrangement is taken from three different views.  It is a fall arrangement I made this past week.

silk-arrangement 1

silk arrangement 2

silk-arrangement 3

What is so nice in making silk arrangements you can continue some other time. Fresh arrangements better be finished in one session.

The arrangement is made in layers on a glass ware foot of 8 inches or about 20 centimeter  in diameter.




Mini Silk Arrangements

The mini containers I usually find on a flee market or get them in a Goodwill store.  I can’t keep them all so I often give them away; also I instead of a greeting card. And they also can be given as a consolation prize at a Bingo. It’s fun to make these little things.

Silk Arrangement in Mini Basket


Silk Arrangement in Candle Holder


arrangement pink rose-candleholder.png
Silk Arrangement in Candle Holder



Mini Silk Arrangements

Still making mini silk  floral arrangements. Not as much as I used to do. When I think I need to have a ready made arrangement for instance to give away I’ll make one.  Arrangement. Big word for such a small thing.

Instead of using only glue I put just a tiny bit of glue on pins and fasten the silk flowers to the floral foam using tweezers.  Foam especially suitable for silk flowers.


silk-deep red rose.png



CHS=sermon 2293


Mini Silk Floral of Roses

A prosperous 2017 and many moments of happiness.

To make mini silk floral arrangements I use small bowls varying in a diameter of 2 in. (approx 5 cm.) to 3.5-4 in. (approx. 9 cm.) The small containers I get at a Goodwill store.

First image: Nine roses, the inner circle has three- and the outer circle has six roses. Around the roses I inserted ivy leaves, lavender and pink flowers to finish.  Used a 3 inch bowl.

Second image: A close up of the rose.

Third and fourth image: Of the remainder of the silk flowers I made a second arrangement in an egg cup. Same arrangement taken from two different sides.  Used an egg cup.












Silk Arrangement of Anemones & Crocuses

A small  silk arrangement of anemones and crocuses


anemone-silk.image.png                                                     Close up of anemone

white-crocus-silk.image                                                    Close up of crocus

Usually I like to make silk arrangements from tiny to medium. It works close and often I have to use tweezers to put the stems in place. The size of this container is 2 1/2 inch (approx 6 1/2 centimeter).

There is always an empty spot where you put a small arrangement like this. I also give them away and most of the time it is appreciated.