Mini Florals on Oyster Shells

Three oyster shells I got at a flee market  and I sure knew what to do with them the moment I saw them. I “topped” the shells with mini silk arrangements.












Mini Silk Floral of Roses

A prosperous 2017 and many moments of happiness.

To make mini silk floral arrangements I use small bowls varying in a diameter of 2 in. (approx 5 cm.) to 3.5-4 in. (approx. 9 cm.) The small containers I get at a Goodwill store.

First image: Nine roses, the inner circle has three- and the outer circle has six roses. Around the roses I inserted ivy leaves, lavender and pink flowers to finish.  Used a 3 inch bowl.

Second image: A close up of the rose.

Third and fourth image: Of the remainder of the silk flowers I made a second arrangement in an egg cup. Same arrangement taken from two different sides.  Used an egg cup.












Mini Silk Arrangements

For these mini silk arrangements I used candle holders.

White Roses & -Berries
Lilac Rose
White Rose & Forget-Me-Not

The candle holders and other mini containers for making silk arrangements I go to a garage sale or browse in a Goodwill store.



Mini silk arrangements do fit  almost anywhere in your home. In a windowsill,  on a bookshelf, or on a dressing table. They can be placed on a etagere and are also a nice give-away, what I often do.


Silk Arrangement of Anemones & Crocuses

A small  silk arrangement of anemones and crocuses


anemone-silk.image.png                                                     Close up of anemone

white-crocus-silk.image                                                    Close up of crocus

Usually I like to make silk arrangements from tiny to medium. It works close and often I have to use tweezers to put the stems in place. The size of this container is 2 1/2 inch (approx 6 1/2 centimeter).

There is always an empty spot where you put a small arrangement like this. I also give them away and most of the time it is appreciated.