Cozies And A Pincushion

The cozies are crocheted with a single crochet. Crocheting is always a pleasant pass time.

The pincushion is sewed by hand,  of course. Most of what I call fun sewing I do by hand. This will probably end up as a small gift for someone, or may be as a consolation prize for a bingo game. I cannot keep everything I make.

I have always enough remains of yarn and fabrics at hand.

James, a servant of Christ, writing his epistle to all the Israelites scattered abroad.

Silk Flowers and Pincushions

“Dropped” some silk flowers on hand made pincushions.  Fun (hand) sewing.

  Pincushion in small dish on saucer

pincushion-tiny silk flowers
Pincushion in vintage tea cup

Pincushion in small chocolate dish