The Last Lilies for this Season

The last of the bulbs that I planted a few weeks later finished blooming. Colors yellow and orange. Lilies of course grow in the garden. However the bulb flowers also can grow in pots and can be placed on the balcony.  They are suitable to create flower arrangements and they can be used as a cut flower as well.

The bulbs can be left in the pot. And I can store the pot in a dry and cool place until the next season.



Lilies are bulb flowers and they are planted  in and around the month of April and bloom in July August.

There are oriental lilies and they are from Japan. These here are Asian lilies. They have no fragrance. However they are beautiful and eye some to look at and come in a vast variety colors.  The stems are sturdy.

I have planted a few bulbs and they are blooming now.  Other bulbs I have planted a few weeks later. These came out fine. The other bulbs are just starting to bloom.