He Is Not Here!

Biblical Meditation: to read Matthew 28:10

He is not here, for He is risen Matthew 28:6a.

Luke 24_34KJB.png

A shorter message of the Resurrection could not have been given by the angel. But isn’t this proclamation richer and more heavily laden with these few words “He is not here, for He is risen” It says it all for God has herewith said it all! He Who died in an untold shame and given to our sin and is risen to our justification.
The dead will hear the Voice of the Son of God and they will live. The Power of the Resurrection will prevail all battle and will restrain the gates of hell.

The Church of Christ will be guarded. We now have a preview of the sight of the New Heaven and the New Earth. The crown of satan has been pulled from his head. The sepulcher is open, death has no more dominion.
HE, Who restrained by death for us, and our sin has risen with great authority. The Bloodshed of the Saviour is the payment for our sin. Paid in full. The Death of the Saviour is the Victory over the grave. Death could not hold Him.

The women on their way to the Garden of Joseph of Arimathea were not able to suspect this at all. Look at all the herbs and spices they are carrying with them to pay their last respects and love for their Master. It goes without saying. Their faith is nowhere to be found, their hope has vanished for they are looking for Lord Jesus Who is dead. But their search for Him also shows the love that is drawing them to Jesus. Although they don’t know how to reach Him in the grave. But this love does not frighten them for any soldier nor for a stone that is barricading the entrance of the grave. They are continuing their way no matter what. Not because the love of these women would be strong enough. It is a matter of another Love. A Love that is stronger, a Love that is drawing closer. The Love of Him Who exchanges the herbs and the spices of death to the rolled-up linens of the grave. He is calling these women to His open sepulcher to share the joy of New Life. They now have a living Hope. Not the fruit of their searching but through the power of the Resurrection of Christ from the dead!

God has finished the Work of Christ on Golgotha through several signs. In the Garden of Joseph of Arimathea God has shown His wonders illustrating the Victory of Christ. The earth is shaking in a trembling rejoice. Soldiers are frightened because of the lightning. The power of hell is definitely, broken. Angels from Heaven to open the sepulcher and accompany the great Saviour when ascending to the Father. The foreshadowing of the great Day of the LORD, a Day of Hope for all who are IN Christ. Salvation is free and the angels will proclaim the glory of Jesus Christ. The great Day of the LORD, a Day of Judgment for those who do not believe.

But all these signs do not awaken the joy of the Day of the Resurrection. Should these signs frighten us instead that they give us a reason to rejoice? The words of the angel are telling us that the Day ought not to be fearful. The unbelief must go and the love must come into the heart and prevail. A proclamation of a heavenly messenger is needed. For everybody whose heart is possessed by the Love of God will there ever be a happier message proclaimed by the angel?

–Matthew 28:5 And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, Which was crucified.

His words are like the sound of a trumpet full of joy “He is risen, He is not here”. Yes, He died was buried and He was here. But His death is a victory over the grave. A Victory over the grave so that His own would be granted grace when passed on IN Christ. The Shedding of His Blood is the payment for sin. The mystery of the cross is revealed now the rock of the sepulcher has become the proclamation of the Resurrection. The power of sin and death the Saviour has dethroned. His own will now through grace share in His Resurrection. His Resurrection is a guarantee for all who are passing on IN Him. The voice of the archangel will awaken them. And Christ Jesus will meet His own with welcoming Hands.

Psalms 49_15.1Cor.15_55KJB.png

The Day of the Resurrection does focus our eyes on the last days to come. The last days to come are a guarantee that the end is nigh.

The Work is finished, the triumph has been obtained.
The Prince of Peace is Victorious.
The great Saviour Who was restrained by death for us and our sin HE has risen with great authority.

6 thoughts on “He Is Not Here!

  1. A beautiful post Jackie! The whole post is one of praise and rejoicing! It truly is a pity that so many do not, will not, see. They forsake their own mercies and don’t even know it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. So true Cathy. The greater part of mankind don’t know what they are missing. Glory to God that He in His mercy chose us. It is a privilege through grace to belong to God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your post miss Jackie!!!

    This post is very excellent in every way!!!

    I especially liked where you wrote:

    “The Bloodshed of the Saviour is the payment for our sin. Paid in full.”

    AMEN sister 🙏

    God bless you and all of your family miss Jackie.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Free IN Christ Mr. Lee. That also means we are righteous before God. The Most High sees us through the eyes His Son. The more I think about it the more reason to rejoice. It is the greatest miracle ever.

      God bless and keep you and your family.

      Liked by 1 person

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