A Faithful Saying

Part 5 The Child of Bethlehem Biblical Meditation. To read 1Timothy 1-17

This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief. 1Timothy 1:15

In the above verse, the words of the apostle Paul are profound as well as forceful. The words are filled with love beyond words. With these words, the apostle is proclaiming the heavenly glad tidings, the birth of the Child of Bethlehem, Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus Who came to earth to deliver from sin and to save sinners.

Paul, confesses this great miracle when God revealed to him Jesus Christ, the Child of Bethlehem. That took some doing because the apostle did in no way intend to follow the road to Bethlehem. On the contrary. What business did he, Saul have on that road that leads to Bethlehem, to the manger?

The words of Paul are not only a testimony of his faith but also a confession of sin and guilt. Because who was the apostle before he bent his knees before Christ and accepted Him as his Lord and Jesus Christ as a Saviour? Wasn’t he as Saul persecuting God’s congregation?

The Child of Bethlehem Who came to this world is the greatest miracle ever. The greatest miracle, ever, and for mankind hardly to comprehend.

Although nobody was waiting for Him, He came nonetheless. He knew He was not welcome. He knew there was no place for Him.

The Child of Bethlehem was born in a manger, and He died on the cross. He knew He would die on the cross, for it was for told by God’s prophets and in the Psalms of David. He knew what was coming to Him. He knew what would happen in His life. He knew the way He would die.

Yet, the Christ came. He had to do the Will of the Father. And yet, it was His own doing as well.

Why did the Saviour choose to come to this world? Why come to this world that did not offer Him any good? Why come to this world full of sorrow and sin, loneliness and misjudgment?

But what was He looking for? It makes His coming even harder to understand. He was not looking for anything to be desired. He was looking for people that are lost and need His salvation. But those that are lost are not be desired either.

Matthew 18_11KJB.png

The destiny of the Child of Bethlehem is to deliver those from sin. And to make the atonement with the Father once again. So that people are saved from eternal damnation. His Work and His Destiny only was to come to seek and to save that which was lost.

That is the message of glad tidings when Jesus Christ came into this world as the Child of Bethlehem. And this is as Paul is proclaiming “A Faithful Saying.” We as did Paul, can count on these words.

The Faithful Saying does give us a stronghold in life these days of the end times. We can hardly trust any of the many words that are spoken in this world of deception and half-truths. Not the words the world speaks but the words of God are unerring. We can trust the words beyond the shadow of a doubt. These inerrant words have eternal value.

How did the apostle Paul know? He did experience the truth of these words until his death. He was an example of God’s mercy throughout his ministry. Did not Christ through the apostle proved His longsuffering? And did not Christ put him as an example for all who believe on Him for eternal life? The Child of Bethlehem stopped him, Saul the persecutor in his tracks on the road to Damascus, to grant him an abundance of grace.

The manger is filled with grace, full of mercy for those which are lost. For those who just like Paul need and want God’s grace.

We know we are lost. But can we save ourselves? Every effort from us is doomed to fail. But then the Faithful Saying comes to the rescue, with its comfort and peace for the restless soul. The Faithful Saying is worthy to be accepted by anyone who believes on His Name.

1Timothy 1_17KJB.png

6 thoughts on “A Faithful Saying

  1. Speak the truth that is all we can do. There will be a day that all deception and half-truths will be revealed. As soon as the Lion of Judah will loosen the seals of the Book. Revelation 5:5
    Thank you for your appreciated response, Cathy

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