Todd Bentley Is Back!

Todd Bentley, the false prophet is back. False prophets as this one have also a brute nature dwelling within them. They cannot change. There is no place in their mind and their heart for any of the true soul-saving teachings of Jesus Christ.

Jeremiah 4_7KJB.png

 It seems he had a visitation of an angel and several encounters with “the LORD.” Eh no, it was the voice of a familiar spirit that totally, controls him.

  • Matthew 24:11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.
  • Galatians 1:8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

We better not listen to him. The 66 Canon Books of the Bible are closed. Malachai was the last prophet.

Hebrews 1:1God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, 2/ Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds;

The Bible has the Last Authority from God. We better not add, or remove any of the words.

Deuteronomy 4:2 Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.

Revelation 22:19  And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

Bentley is addicted to alcohol, which means he has a drunken spirit, a well-known sign of false teachers. A mind with a drunken spirit is where the dragons have moved in. He has no idea whatsoever about the holiness of God.

Isaiah 5:20-24

  • 20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! 
  • 21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! 
  • 22 Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink: 
  • 23 Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him! 
  • 24 Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the law of the LORD of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.

Bentley’s tattoos.  Leviticus. 19:28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD

Bentley’s name is also associated with the New Apostolic Reformation( NAR). It is a militant movement that has arisen in conservative Christianity.

Wendy Alec (GodTV), Jennifer LeClaire (Charisma Magazine), Heidi Baker, Dr. Michael Brown, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, John Hagee, Patricia King, Beni Johnson, Cindy Jacobs, Jen Johnson, Rick Joyner, however, the list is by no means complete.

Joel’s army is part of the NAR movement and intends to take over the world before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

They claim they are fighting for God, but they are deceiving mankind. God does not need any favors nor any assistance from anyone. And that includes the deceivers that are behind Joel’s army. The LORD, Himself, will establish His Kingdom on earth. The army the prophet Joel is describing is the same army in Revelation 9. The LORD Himself will over come this army in the time to come.

Joel's Army-in Revelation 9KJB.png

Their claim is contradicting God’s Word. What God is asking from us is to trust Him and to wait for Him.

  • Isaiah 9:7: The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.   
  •  Isaiah 26:4: Trust ye in the LORD forever for in the LORD Jehovah is everlasting Strength. 
  • Psalms 27:14 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

The following link shares some background information, the link to the original post (click view article, it may take a few seconds before the page opens), and other resources.. “Todd Bentley Is Back! Reveals A New 25 Year Ministry Mandate After Being visited by Angels”.

Bentley and his Revival Harvest Ministries intend to go to Kenya and Ethiopia. Let us pray for the people over there.

10 thoughts on “Todd Bentley Is Back!

  1. Hi sister, good morning to you.

    Back in the 1980s, I was a part of the charismatic movement, so I have some firsthand perspective on how many people in that spectrum blindly trust what they’re taught.

    I saw a couple of years ago, Todd Bentley say something extremely evil.
    he was at a “Christian” meeting of some kind, and he was bragging to the audience how he had kicked some old lady in the face, knocking her unconscious, when she came to the edge of the stage where he was speaking, (I believe she came forward to receive prayer or something like that).
    And the “Christian” audience he was talking to, burst out in laughter when he told that story!

    It was disgusting!

    Todd Bentley is a false prophet, just as Kenneth Copeland and similar are.

    Although I don’t see tattoos as necessarily the mark of a false prophet, because someone could have gotten them back when they were lost.
    (I am one example).

    Thank you so much miss Jackie for posting your helpful posts. Thank you for warning the sheep of dangerous wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    God bless you and your family.

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  2. Thank you for your response, Mr. Lee.

    It seems that after Bentley became a so-called Christian preacher” that he increased tattoos.

    His behavior confirms even more that he serves another jesus. God’s word clearly shows that he does not belong to the household of God.
    While walking on earth, the great Saviour was compassionate to all who accepted Him as their Lord and Master. The LORD shows His compassion and grace forever.

    To show false teachers and false doctrine we must show Scripture, otherwise, the Gospel and Jesus Christ are only an ideology. At least, that is what I believe.

    We can only lend a helping hand, but everybody must read and search the Bible for themselves.

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  3. And hopefully, people will find the Truth and the many treasures hidden in God’s inspired and preserved Word.
    When they want to learn, they will find them. God is an excellent Teacher.


  4. Clark

    I think a person would have to be very special indeed before an angel would pay them a visit. I think he is either a Liar or as you state being visited by a familiar spirit.

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  5. An angel of God is not visiting anyone. No matter how special. The only way to get to know what will happen in the future is to read the Bible and read it again, and many times over.

    God does everything by the Book. God, speaks once, and God speaks twice, and then some. That means in Biblical times most prophecies are partially fulfilled, and there will come a time that the prophecies will be perfectly fulfilled. This I learned in my younger years in a Bible study.

    Clark, don’t believe what the leftists are saying but don’t believe everything that the right-wing is claiming either. There is so much deception roaming around on the internet by the monetized YouTube videos. The more clicks, the more money they get. That’s all they care about.


  6. gclark109gmailcom

    Any person or group that cause suffering or mislead for personal gain are on the wrong side. Business is one thing but using the holy scripture to coherse others into a situation for gain or control surely would be wrong . It goes on and on. A non believer who is sociopath will use any means to get what they want. It seems pretty clear.

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  7. Clark

    Another man standing in between the Lord and people. I just wish things were simple. I just cannot understand why an honest effort of any type is met with such negativity and then twisted around and returned as if it were an insult. So many destroyers. My mother told me once that a true friend was one that took your side even when you were not there. Lord, it is a thing that is natural for me to be the rescuer and the helper. And I accept the result of my actions. I realize helping is a gift, and there should be no expectation of any return. Now even a small thing is greatly appreciated and a persons reply that is positive lifts my spirit greatly. I appreciate your work. I especially appreciate your positive replies. The Lord has blessed you and you have brought his blessing to me. You are a treasure to me .Your site is splendid, the bright colors and handiwork have a clean welcoming appearance. Only women can do this. Men are like clumsy Buffaloes. Women are like Butterflies. That’s what a man told me once. I have hurt people. I regret it. My own actions have left me scarred. I need to be more considerate and either move slower or just be quiet.

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  8. At times we all hurt and disappoint people. And I am certainly one of them. However, with God’s help, I want to look at people and especially those who love the Lord through the eyes of Jesus Christ. And help someone without always expecting something in return. That’s what God is asking of us.

    To men and women, God gave them both certain gifts. But seek first the Kingdom of God, because that is what life on earth is all about.

    Life is full of trials, temptations, and hatred for the true Christians. God knows those who are His own through Jesus Christ and those He will protect come what may.

    And people like Todd Bentley is someone God definitely, does not need and does not want . Those kind of people are only drawing us away from Jesus Christ.
    The post is a warning not to fall for the trash these kinds of people are proclaiming. Only trust the LORD and His Word.
    –Proverbs 30:5KJB Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him


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