Remember The LORD Thy God

Followers, the best wishes for a good and healthy New Year.

A wonderful and all-embracing promise for this first day of the New Year in Joshua 1:9.

Joshua 1_9KJB.png
Barbary Lion

The Old Year has passed with its dark days, its fearful hours having its sorrows and disappointments. The year of the corona-virus and its outbreak that started in China the year before. The coronavirus that caused the passing away of loved ones and friends.

Today, we are heading into an unknown future. Just like Joshua, who had to lead the Hebrew people into Canaan Land. The walls barricading Jericho were high, and the gates were closed. He did not know what he was up against.

“Be not afraid the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest”. In Jesus Christ, this LORD thy God is our LORD thy God.

The eternal faithfulness will remain with God’s children beyond the shadow of a doubt. As Joshua led the Hebrew people into Canaan Land despite the barricading walls. So will Jesus Christ lead us into the Heavenly Canaan Land. The Heavenly Canaan Land where the many mansions of the Father are.

All the children of the Most High can enter this New Year unknown to us with the All-Knowing God. Verily, not one of the words will be lost God once spoke to Joshua. Let us learn to wait for the Saviour.

The Waiting on Jesus Christ is more than worth it to be in the everlasting Presence of the Saviour. Either by God taking His children Home or with the Second Coming of the LORD.

The moment the soul leaves the body it is too late to reconsider. When we change the temporary for eternity the time has stopped running. When we are not saved we are living in borrowed time.

Where will the non-believers be? Where will the “Christians” be with their corrupt bible versions? Revelation 20:14-15

Jesus Christ, The Saviour, Do you know Him?

Jesus Christ, The Only Way To Salvation!

8 thoughts on “Remember The LORD Thy God

  1. This is an excellent thought that you presented miss Jackie.
    What a perfect example of Joshua and the Hebrews entering into the unknown that was before them.
    Trust in Jesus is the answer to how to enter into the unknown, as in all things.


  2. Trust in Lord Jesus, that is what God is asking of us. Keep the faith and we cannot wrong.

    Here Joshua is representing Jesus Christ. Joshua fought and conquered 31 giant kings and their armies. Joshua 11:9-24.

    And Moses fought and conquered two giant kings and their armies in the wilderness.
    Exodus 17:9 And Moses said unto Joshua, Choose us out men, and go out, fight with Amalek: to morrow I will stand on the top of the hill with the rod of God in mine hand.

    Deuteronomy 3:3 So the LORD our God delivered into our hands Og also, the king of Bashan, and all his people: and we smote him until none was left to him remaining.

    And then we read further in that same chapter about Og the king of Bashan. A huge creature.
    10 All the cities of the plain, and all Gilead, and all Bashan, unto Salchah and Edrei, cities of the kingdom of Og in Bashan.
    11 For only Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of giants; behold, his bedstead was a bedstead of iron; is it not in Rabbath of the children of Ammon? nine cubits was the length thereof, and four cubits the breadth of it, after the cubit of a man.

    31+2 make 33. Lord Jesus became 33 years of age. As Moses and Joshua had victory over the children of the giant Anak. so triumphed Jesus Christ over the evil spirits that were surrounding Him that dark night at Golgotha.

    To study the Old Testament and to recognize Lord Jesus also in events and even in objects is just awesome.

    The KJB is beyond words and gets more and more relevant as time goes by. The Bible, the Living Word of God.

    The connection between Lord Jesus and Joshua I learned in my childhood. I don’t remember where or from whom.

    But Praise the LORD o my soul


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