The Forget-Me-Not Flower is a blue and tiny flower with a yellow center. It is a flower of remembrance. The Forget-Me-Not is growing in a lot a different places on riverbanks and throughout wetlands. It is the State Flower of Alaska.




for-get-me-not close-up

God created heaven and earth and all that therein is.  God created man Adam and out of the rib of the man He created a woman Eve. Everything in the Garden of Eden was perfect and peaceful. Then came God’s greatest adversary, satan, disguised as a serpent and beguiling Eve to eat a fruit of the forbidden tree. Adam too ate a fruit of the forbidden tree. By disobeying God sin and death came into this world. God and men were separated.

However God took care for of separation. A second Adam came, Who did full fill the law of God till the very end. Jesus Christ Son of God and Saviour carried the punishment for our  sin and died on Calvary’s Cross. After three days Jesus Christ has truly risen and ascended to the Father in Heaven. Known as Ascension Day forty days after Easter Sunday. The Redeemer conquered sin and death.  The separation from God the first Adam caused is removed by the second Adam. This means that we can go through the great Mediator to the Father for a Life Everlasting.     

Do Not For-Get-Him, Jesus Christ.


forget-me-not-closeupWoman, was made from the rib of a man.- She was not created from his head to top him, nor from his heel to be stepped upon.- She was made from his side to be equal to him,  from beneath his arm to be protected by him, near his heart to be loved by him.




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