Spring Greetings 2016

 Narcissus also known as daffodil is a bulb flower. The bulb is planted during the second half of October and will bloom the following spring. The daffodil is the flower for the month of March. Symbolizing New Beginnings.



The word “daffodil” is first used in 1548 and comes from the Dutch word “de affodil”  that translates to “the ashfodel”.   This word refers to a variety of herbs of the lily family that have yellow- or white flowers and bloom on tall straight upward stems. (according to Merriam Webster Dictionary)

The daffodil is produced and grown in Europe, however, the lovely flower is cultivated widely and can grow in most regions of the United States.









“I wandered lonely as a cloud- That floated on high o’er the vales and hills,- When all at once I saw a crowd,- A host of golden daffodils; -Beside the lake, beneath the trees,- Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.”    William Wordsworth

Daffodils when caught by a breeze it is as if the flowers are waving to you.

The images below are mini yellow trumpet daffodils

mini-trumpet-daffodilsThese mini trumpets bloomed last spring. Kept the bulbs.

mini-trumpetsThe bulbs of the mini trumpets blooming again this spring.

mini-trumpets-closeupA closeup of the above image


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