Gerberas (1)

Gerbera also known as the Barberton-, African- or Transvaal Daisy was discovered by the Scotsman Robert Jameson near Barberton in South Africa, in 1884. These daisies he saw blooming while excavating a goldmine.  The flower is called after the German botantist Traugott Gerber (1710-1743). The gerbera like the sunflower turns to the sun.

Gerberas are perennial flowers and can grow as high as 12 to 18 inches (approximately 30 t0 45 centimeters) in single, double and semi-double petals.

The gerbera symbolizes happiness and are in vibrant and pastel colors except true-blues &- purples.

  • rich red: in love
  • bright orange: sunshine, life
  • surprising- & pale pink: admiration, high-esteem
  • innocent white &- creamy: purity, childlike
  • sunny & soft yellow – peach: cheerfulness  
  • mahogany

The shades of the above mentioned colors are so extensive, you really don’t want to know :-).  I’ll be posting in intervals more bright colors of this Daisy.

The flower is very well suited in a floral center piece or in a small Biedermeier bouquet and has usually a long vase life.

Arrangement of Rich Red Variety
Close up of the above arrangement



Arrangement of the orange variety w/ yellow edges
Close up of the above arrangement


Dark Pink Variety


Arrangement of pink gerberas w/ dark brown center
Close up of the above arrangement
Close up of the above arrangement




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