Blue Pine, Roses & Gerberas


Blue pine is an evergreen with sharp needles belonging to the pine family.  The average height of the tree is about 40 to 60 feet (approximately 25-30 meter).  Sometimes the tree grows as tall as 150 feet (approximately 45 meter).

Blue pine grows naturally in the Rocky Mountains from South East Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.  The tree grows at an altitude of approximately 5900 to 9800 feet (1800-3000 meter) on mountain slopes along rivers where they have sufficient water.


Blue pine twig is my very favorite green for fresh Christmas florals as it arranges beautifully. When properly moistened I am able to keep the pine twigs fresh up to three sometimes four weeks.


In order to create a “cloud” of  blue pine around the flowers I first arrange the twigs in two or three layers depending upon the thickness of the oasis.  Then I add the flowers. And of course soaproot gives the floral centerpiece a nice finishing touch.


Red gerberas surrounded by white roses alternating the blue pine twigs.


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